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Making walls history - Overcoming treatment barriers in Cancer

Zielgruppe: (Young) Scientists
Termin: 05.06.2015, 00:00 – 07.06.2015, 00:00
Veranstaltungsort: Berlin
Veranstalter: MKFZ Charite
Weitere Informationen:

The topic of the conference reflects one of the most demanding problems in cancer research: it becomes increasingly clear that simple mutation/ inhibitor strategies following the classic idea of “targeted therapies” often do not work as well as expected. Thus, novel strategies taking into account the complexity of cancer are urgently needed - strategies having the potential to “Overcome treatment barriers in Cancer” that are hopefully available for clinical application in the near future. In order to present and discuss these novel strategies, internationally renowned experts in cancer research are coming together in Berlin 25 years after the wall came down aiming to “Make walls history” in the field of cancer research.

For the first time the "in Cancer" conference is accompanied by a satellite symposium for young scientists in cancer research on June 07 which aims to bring aspiring PhD students from the broad cancer research field together. We seek to create an inspiring meeting to enable an exchange of ideas and provide a platform for project discussions for those who are in an early step in their research carrier.

“Early Bird” registration featuring a reduced conference fee (170 € for academics, 85 € for students) and abstract submission (selected abstracts will be presented in short talks) end on April 24, 2015.


Clemens A. Schmitt
Internet: MKFZ Symposium 2015